Now AI Will Write Your Fortune Cookie Message

With the use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT for authoring fortune cookie messages, OpenFortune, one of the fastest growing media platforms that distributes creative advertising via fortune cookies at 47,000 restaurants in the U.S., has announced a radical change in its content creation strategy.

With the integrity of traditional fortune cookies preserved, this move will allow OpenFortune to effectively offer an infinite number of entirely new, distinctive fortunes to millions of customers dining in restaurants and at home.

New standards for fortune cookie have been set by AI-driven fortunes.

There have only been a few thousand fortunes distributed over the fortune cookie’s more than 100-year history.

After doing a thorough analysis of the market, OpenFortune found that the AI-driven platform creates fortunes that have never been created before and are exponentially more desirable.

New standards for fortune cookie have been set by AI-driven fortunes.

This makes the fortune cookie experience more individualised and assures that individuals are less likely to get the same message as their eating companion. OpenFortune has consequently chosen to use ChatGPT for their fortune material. The following are a few samples of the fortunes produced by ChatGPT:

  • The recipe for your life will soon include a delightful encounter with a stranger who will spice it up a bit.
  • Soon, a peaceful song will enter your universe and lead you to dance with destiny.
  • “You will have a chance encounter that will help you realise a long-held dream.”
  • “Seek peace inside yourself, and the world will reflect that.”

According to Matt Williams, CEO of OpenFortune, “the most frequent feedback we receive from customers is that they want to see new, renewed, unique fortunes.” By utilising AI, we are changing the fortune cookie experience for consumers while keeping it the same and giving our advertising partners access to almost limitless creative possibilities.

The creative advertising strategy used by OpenFortune mixes the potency of brand messaging with the allure of old-fashioned fortune cookies. OpenFortune gives advertisers the chance to connect with customers in a meaningful way by including brand messaging on the back of the fortune slip.

The addition of ChatGPT demonstrates OpenFortune’s dedication to ongoing innovation, but its copywriting staff will continue to exist because original thought is what ultimately makes this cutting-edge media format successful. AI-driven fortunes raise the bar for fortune cookies, ensuring that they will keep people interested for many years to come.

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