What is HDR and what does it do?

One of the innovations that entered our lives with the advancement of technology was High Dynamic Resolution (HDR). HDR is a display technology which uses from cameras to televisions and phones. In this article we will answer “What is HDR?” question in detail.

What is HDR and how did it come out?

As a matter of fact, although it is not a very new technology, it’s a technology that is not yet fully known by the end user. We will give information about what effects it has on games, cameras, televisions and how it works one by one.

HDR nedir ve ne işe yarar?

First of all, it is a big question how necessary HDR TVs are for now. The reason is that they have not yet reached the desired price range. However, the number of platforms you can use is increasing day by day. There are platforms such as Disney+, Amazon Video, Netflix and Youtube that already support HDR. It also fully supports PS5 and XSX consoles.

HDR on smartphones

Let’s start with the principle of operation in smartphones and high-end cameras. HDR combines photos by taking multiple shots during the photo shoot. In this way, it aims to minimize possible light issues. The camera takes one dark photo, and one bright photo, and combines them. In this way, it eliminates the problems that may occur in normal shooting, too dark or too bright.

HDR Photo Sample

In short, it combines two photos to provide the most stable exposure in terms of light level and reveals the closest color perceived by the human eye. It should also be emphasized that each camera has its own shooting capacity.

What is HDR?


In HDR video recording, unlike photography, it separates the colors in the recordings. In this way, the color range increases and makes more colors perceptible. With HDR, the color range increases as you distinguish between the blackest and brightest colors in the video.

Of course, in order to watch HDR videos, you need to use a display device that supports it. It should be emphasized that the most important point is brightness.

HDR in games

The HDR support that comes to games with PS4, on the other hand, expands the color range just like in real videos, revealing more vivid, fresh and eye-pleasing colors. We should remind you that in order to use HDR on PS4 Pro, your TV must have HDR and HDMI 2.0 support.

It is good to know of the answer “What is HDR?” will help you when you purchase a new television, camera or mobile phone. You’ll be able to make right desicion. In short, developing display technologies getting better each day. Now we can see HDR support on 8K TV’s.

Increasing brightness ratios day by day creates products that are much more enjoyable. The fact that broadcast platforms also reach this resolution means that we will watch more clear and colorful products.

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