Blaze Entertainment Announces Partnership With Amiga

Blaze Entertainment is delighted to confirm a partnership with Amiga to bring Amiga games to Evercade systems as part of the new Home Computer Collection line. As confirmed this past weekend exclusively to fans at the Amiga 37 event in Germany, Evercade devices will be able to play games developed for the world-famous home computer system.

Blaze Entertainment Partnerships With Amiga

Blaze Entertainment will be able to license and publish Amiga games from multiple publishers for Evercade. At this time there is no public confirmation of which games and publishers will feature in Evercade’s quickly expanding home computer lineup, but work is already underway to bring high-quality Amiga games to Evercade in 2023 and beyond.

Blaze Entertainment Amiga Games

Much like other Evercade collections, game curation will occur with our licenses and publishers, meaning chosen games will be prioritised for ease of use and with a “pick-up-and-play” mentality. A key part of Evercade is the ability to allow fans to experience these classic games and hidden gems with as little difficulty as possible, and Amiga games will be no different in that regard.

Evercade’s cartridges deliver multiple games from licensed publishers on a bespoke cartridge system and built-in to select devices. This includes 28 home console-based collections, eight arcade based collections and the newest home computer collections. Bringing over five decades worth of video games from multiple generations, systems and arcades into the palm of your hands, fully licensed and instantly playable.

Evercade’s cartridges are also a fan favourite for retro game collectors, with numbered spines and colour schemes denoting the type of systems featured in the collection; red for home console, blue for home computer and purple for arcade.

Evercade’s current hardware line-up includes two devices. The TV based Evercade VS, which is currently available and a new handheld due in Winter 2022, the Evercade EXP, which features 18 built-in games from publisher Capcom.

As well as emulation of multiple systems and optimisation of games from arcade, Evercade also publishes indie games designed for classic systems and also features native ports of indie games. Evercade also has a “Game of the Month” download feature for Evercade VS users which highlights games from future Indie Heroes collections.

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